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It began as a rant. A rant that got 183 views. A rant that got shared by artists. And then they asked for more rants…and we didn’t think they were serious…but they were. And here we are!”


ArtLawKenya T/A Kulture Shift, is an independent community of lawyers and artists who explore legal issues in the Artsphere whilst appreciating the significant roles that arts and culture play in society.

Working toward meeting the needs of a growing industry, our aim is to drive a more informed narrative of the different legal issues in the arts, and have fun while at it!

How do we do this?

By blogging! OK, that AND…

1.      Providing informed articles, education and resources to artists and arts organizations on a wide range of arts related legal and business matters including contracts, copyright and related rights, trademark, traditional knowledge and cultural expression, privacy and image rights, business structures, defamation, mediation and dispute resolution and employment.

2.      Forging strategic partnerships and collaborations with sector players.

3.      Conducting legal aid clinics.

Our focus, after all, is community and capacity building; strengthening the conscience of the society on the significance the arts plays in societal reform and growth.